About the VCCA




    Credentials for access to the buildings 

     on Capitol Square must be obtained 

     through the Department of General 

Services.  The card is necessary for 

access to the Capitol Press Room, 

the door to which remains 

pass-card protected because 

of security reasons.  It is also 

necessary for access to the 

Capitol and the GAB after 

normal closing hours.  The

cards are valid for one year and 

must be renewed annually. The 

form needs to be filled out and 

returned to Jay Braxton, Room 

424-A, General Assembly  

Building.  (Emailing your own 

official photograph 

to jbraxton@house.virginia.gov 

will reduce the time it takes to 

process an application.)

Go to the application form here.

Find the latest primer for Capitol reporters here.









The Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association is among the nation's oldest organizations advocating for journalists who cover state legislatures.  The VCCA is a not-for-profit organization based in Richmond, Virginia, made up of journalists whose primary responsibility is to cover state government and the General Assembly.  Its members reach millions of viewers, listeners, and readers daily throughout Virginia and beyond.

The association's primary purpose is to represent the interest of its members in the pursuit of their duties in reporting on state government and of advancing the ideals of free and responsible news mediaThe VCCA also makes recommendations on press credentials to the General Assembly for media access to the House and Senate floors and the legislative press galleries, and assigning available space in pressroom facilities on Capitol Square.

To become a member:

Annual cost of membership is $55, which includes the cost of the VCCA dinner and other events, inclusion on the Web site, notification of events and information, and representation to outside groups and government. 


Annual dues must be paid by mid-February.  After that, those who would like to become members for the remainder of the year can pay $40 for inclusion before the new year begins. 

Pay now using PayPal:

VCCA Statement on Restoration of Senate Floor Privileges:

Denying reporter access to the Virginia Senate floor session was a mistake that could have been avoided; restoring it was the right thing to do.

While the revised floor access arrangement places additional limitations on our members' flexibility to cover proceedings, it is workable -- and returning is an important step toward ensuring we can do our jobs and provide accurate and timely reporting.

The Virginia Capitol Correspondents Association thanks all current and former elected officials, media organizations and concerned Virginians who supported our efforts to resolve this issue.

The VCCA will continue to promote media access in the Capitol -- and the public's right to know that the people elected to serve Virginia are conducting its business in the best traditions of open and transparent government.



Photo: Bob Brown